Multicultural Encounter in Cambridge


February 26, 2022


Virtual conference held in Selwyn College, University of Cambridge

Multicultural Encounter in Cambridge

What is it all about the ME conference?

Congrats and a very warm welcome – you've come so far to read more about our conference.

“ME in Cambridge” stands for Multicultural Encounter and is a virtual conference to evolve and learn from international know-how. ME is completely organized by us, a group of people who have three things in common: firstly, English is not our first language. Secondly, we lived in another country and culture for most of our time, and lastly we all met at the Cambridge English Language Society in Cambridge.

We believe that speaking is a fundamental skill, not only to communicate, and interact but also to share and express our experiences, thoughts and different opinions. We would like to create an open room, where we can share our professions and passions that we’ve brought from our home countries from all over the world.
We all know that moving to another country and finding your place in a new environment can be very tough. This conference wants to inspire people to learn from international and professional experiences and to motivate not to give up learning from each other.

Safe your place and join us virtually!

When does the conference take place?

Multicultural Encounter in Cambridge is a virtual conference. You can join us where ever you are for free!

26th of Feb 2022

10:00 AM